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If you would like to report a strange incident and/or phenomena, please submit the form below. IFRS is very interested in your experiences and will make every effort to investigate the reported phenomena.
Thank you for taking time to submit your report!

What is your name
What is your address
Please describe the phenomena you are reporting (i.e. Sasquatch, UFO, Ghost,etc...)?

Please tell us about the incident you are reporting ( Who, What, Where, When, How)?

Please give the IFRS the exact date,time and location of the incident:

Please tell the IFRS the weather at the incident time (Cloudy, Rain, Sunny, Partly, Overcast,Other):

What stands out most in your memory of the incident?

May IFRS contact you? (yes/no)
If so...when would be the time and/or method?

Did others witness the incident? (yes/no)
If so, what are their names and addresses?

Please tell IFRS your feelings about this incident (scary, happy, sad, etc...):

Please tell IFRS if any other investigating agency (Police, Government, etc...) was contacted:

Do you have any other comments to add?


IFRS will contact you shortly (if you chose this option). Thank you for your participation!

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