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The IFRS case repository and evidence archive is a voluntary system of documentation utilized by the International Fortean Research Society. The repository is an ongoing project to protect the rights of independent investigators worldwide.

How does it work?
The investigator submits a form (provided below) to the IFRS. In addition, the investigator encloses documentation of his/her find, case investigation, evidence, etc... (Please submit only photgraphic evidence or representations for material items), to the IFRS Headquarters. The IFRS Headquarters generates a unique case number and files away your information. The time, date, and case number insure that you have legal recourse. IFRS sends you receipt for the deposit with your unique case number.

How do I know you won't use my information?
The IFRS is not in the "business" of stealing information. We attempt to act as an Ombudsman and arbiter for independent, paranormal researchers.
Our only goal is to insure that a legal, civil record exists outside of JUST your personal knowledge. Thereby, we serve as a storehouse for any information you send.
All information is kept strictly confidential, never shown to anyone (outside of a LEGAL court Subpoena), and is essentially stored for YOUR benefit.

What is the catch? How much does it cost?
The really great thing about our service is this: It is cheaply done! You send the items / information with the submission form to our Headquarters. The submitter encloses a self addressed, stamped envelope for their case number/receipt. We return the receipt for your particular case...that's it. The total cost is .70 (postage).
We suggest that you copyright any information you deem important. Why? This will grant you protection in 100 countries worldwide. However, many feel that the items/information they submit do not warrant a copyright (for instance, the fact that you have started a haunted house investigation at a particular time or date...). Our service would be a viable, alternative way to protect your investigation.

Please consider making the .70 investment in your investigation. The IFRS is a facilitator for those who wish to remain independent and still have the support of an organization.
We want to help you become a better investigator!