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The International Fortean Research Society is a scientific organization composed of people seriously interested in studying and researching unexplained phenomenon, by combining their mutual talents, areas of expertise and investigative efforts. A private organization, it collects and investigates data on unexplained events, promotes proper investigation methodology in the examination of specialized phenomena and general fortean subjects, and reports significant data to its members and the public.

The I.F.R.S. investigates and explores unexplained events, enigmas, paranormal phenomena, cryptid creatures, conspiracies and just about anything that conventional science does not 
(or will not) investigate.

The I.F.R.S. generates articles and original reports about these topics for public consumption. In addition, we publish a newsletter (The Fortean Researcher) 6 times a year. 

The submission of articles for online publishing is welcomed. We request that members submit newspaper and other clipping correspondence, audio tapes, films, photographs, drawings, maps, etc... 

These submitted items serve to build our database of unexplained phenomena and encourage further research.


Please explore our website and learn more about the I.F.R.S.. 
We welcome your participation and membership. 


I.F.R.S.  is the acronym and service mark  for the International Fortean Research Society, Inc.. 
The I.F.R.S. firmly believes that a concentrated scientific study by dedicated
investigators and researchers will provide the ultimate answer to many unexplained phenomena. 

The Director and the International Board of trustees work with the Foreign Representatives and National Director in each state / country. 
The I.F.R.S. is governed by a Director and a Board of Trustees.

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