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Please print out your application and mail to I.F.R.S.
If you have chosen to pay for membership online - please include your Paypal transaction number. Otherwise, please include a check or money order with this application.

I.F.R.S. Membership Application

I.F.R.S.                                                                                                           Received__________

P.O. Box 411                                                                                                  Appr’d____________

Griffin, GA 30224

Name_______________________________________________ Age________________


City_______________________________ State/Province_________________________

Mail/ZIP Code _____________________ Country_______________________________

Gender ____ Male ____ Female

Please indicate your level of membership:

Student _____ (must have a valid College/School I.D.) – $10.00 (US funds – Mail only)

Full (General) _____ - $30.00 (Mail and/or Paypal)

Senior _____ - Free (Must submit proof of age – 55 years and over only – Mail only)

Please indicate your interest in the following positions:

Domestic (US/Canada):

State/Province Director:______ Area/Territory Supervisor _____ Area Investigator_____


Country Director:______ Area/Territory Supervisor______ Area Investigator_________

Please note: Administrative positions require testing and/or further personal information supplied to I.F.R.S.. We welcome your application to these positions. However, general membership in the I.F.R.S. does NOT assume automatic placement in any administrative position. Please contact us for further information.

Please fill this application and return to I.F.R.S.

If paying online: Please fill the following information –

Transaction #________________________ Date paid___________ Amount__________