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Fortean Links Worldwide

We neither endorse or deny the information presented on these web sites. However, you "surf" at your own risk, and may find your base belief system a bit challenged at the end of the day... that being said...


Cybersquatch Paranormal
Ohio Bigfoot Research and Study Group
Florida Bigfoot Page
WSSSG Organization
Bigfoot - Crookston Minnesota (building a Bigfoot museum) 
Bigfoot Recordings (CD of bigfoot noises for sale) 
California Bigfoot encounters
Texoma Bigfoot Investigation
Hairy Hominids Archives (Ben S. Roesch)
Western Bigfoot Society
The Okefenokee X-files
Bigfoot: America's Ape


The Konformist conpiracy zine
Conspiracy Web
Computer Virus Myths
Genetic Ethics 
Sources Security Intelligence Briefing
The Black Dahlia
Dealey Plaza Cam
Steamshovel Press


UFO Today
Alien Contact


Loch Ness Monster 
Beast of Buderim
Giant Squid
Roesch's On-Line Cryptozoology
Thylacoleo Carnifox Site
Discovering Dinosaurs
Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology
ISC - International Society For Cryptozoology
Nessie 'Live' On The Net
Loren Coleman

Feral House (Book Publishers)**** 
Schwa Merchandise
Cosmic Society Of Paranormal Investigation

Church of the Subgenius****
Watchman Fellowship's Index of Cults
Freemasonry Resource Files
Christian offshoots 
Catholic Apparitions Of Jesus and Mary
UK Pagan Federation
Ship of Fools: The Magazine of Christian Unrest****
The Miracles Page
The San Graal School
The Gnostic Centre
The Rapture Index
The Way: Alien DNA in the Garden of Eden

SETI@home:Harness your computer power

News of the Weird 
Sourcebook Project
Anomalist **** 
Alexandria **** 
Nocturnal Emissions - cult news 
All Things Strange
Northern Earth Mysteries Group
Wizard's Den
Oak Island
KeelyNet WWW-Mirror
International Fortean Organisation
Sacred Geometry
Clifford A. Pickover's Realm
Holes In The Head
Fortean Picture Library**** 
FATE Fantastic Adventures & True Experiences

Ghosts and other paranormal activities
Longdendale: The Haunted Valley
Borley Rectory
Glossop Paranormal Investigations.
Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance
The International Society for Paranormal Research

The Onion**** 
The XXX Bible
Celebrity Morgue
Dead People Server
A Curse Generator! **** 
Brian's Page of Antique Weirdness
Jesus of the week

Robert Anton Wilson ****

Association for Research and Enlightenment
CNI news
The Consciousness Research Laboratory.
Try Some Pi?
Phoenix Paranormal Investigations
Near Death Experiences
Controlled Remote Viewing
Transhumanist Texts
Student Parapsychology Society
Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena

Paul Devereux
National Institute for Discovery Science****
Dr.Bower's Complementary Medicine Home Page
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
Catastrophism, The Emerging Science of Origins
Sky and Telescope Magazine
Seti Quest OnLine
SETI Institute Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
Chiron Information and Documentation
Volcanoes ! Incuding Ice Volcanoes of Lake Superior.
Combe d'Arc Cave Paintings
Scrolls From The Dead Sea
Centre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research
The Electronic Beowulf Project
Hot and Cold running Fusion e-Print archive Automated physics e-Print archives
Access to Software useful in High Energy Physics
Web Advanced Research Project
EPA Ozone Depletion
EISCAT's ionospheric Heating facility including Dynasonde
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Science Frontiers On-line **** 
Roslin Institute
Miroslaw Magola's Home Page
The Science behind The X-Files
The Mutter Museum
Lymphovenous Disorders Canada 
NSF Center For Biological Timing
Hale-Bopp for the Non-Astronomer
The Museum Of Questionable Medical Devices
The Labyrinth
The Planetary Society

AUFORA - The Alberta UFO Research Association 
BUFORA - British UFO Research Association 
The Devil's Advocate
UFO Seek
Katharina Wilson - Prime abductee
Alberta UFO Research Association (AUFORA)
UFO World (James Easton)
Stargate International
A Crashed saucer or hoax?
Colman's UFO Page
Mystery Aircraft **** 
The Ultimate UFO WWW Page
UFO Study GroupsI twas gr
Faking UFOs
Rutgers UFO site
Paranet FTP Archive site
Alien City
Alien Abductions Incorporated
Alien UK**** 
UFO Folklore
Is That Someone There (Whitley Strieber fan site)?
UFO Crash Debris For Sale!
Saucer Smear **** 
Inexplicata? The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

San Fernando Valley Folklore Society's Urban Legends Reference Pages

Journal of the Dark

Subterranea Britannica
South African EOTW
Rods - unusual film mysteries 
Natural Catastrophies During Bronze Age Civilisations
Surrey Earth Mysteries Group
The Survival Center
The Maya Calendar
The European Voynich Manuscript Transcription Project Home Page
The Ley Hunter
Future Fate
Weird Mexico
Weird New Jersey

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