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IFRS’ Frequently Asked Questions


What is the IFRS?

The IFRS is a private organization committed to the investigation of, dissemination of, and evaluation of paranormal phenomena, events, and related articles.

What does "Fortean" mean?

It refers to Charles Fort, the author of many books, most notably The Book of the Damned, which explored unexplained phenomena and the light of an unsympathetic scientific community. Fort theorized that because mainstream science could not explain a phenomena, it did not necessarily invalidate said phenomena.

How can I join?

You must fill out an application as an associate member found in the membership section of the IFRS website. We invite anyone interested in unexplained phenomena to join. General membership is divided into three associate categories: student (must be an active student, whether high school or college), adult, or senior citizen (must show proof of age).

What do you do?

We investigate and record the many unexplained events which take place in our world. For instance: Bigfoot, Skunk apes, Chupacabra, ghosts, UFO’s, demons, ancient archaeology, etc.

How can I give a phenomenon report?

Go to the administration page of the IFRS website and download the appropriate form.

How can I become a field investigator, director, etc.?

In addition, we have administrative positions in various countries around the world, which investigate local phenomena or events for the Society as a whole. These administrative positions (country director, state director, area director…etc.) are commitments by members to investigate and file appropriate reports and inform the Society at large about the truth or falsehood of the reported event(s). If you are interested in these position(s), please contact the IFRS Headquarters and request information about assuming the appropriate position.

Who is involved with the IFRS?

Anyone with a valid interest in exploring and understanding unexplained phenomena may be involved with the IFRS.

When does the IFRS meet?

Meetings and gatherings (Sky Watches) are posted either through the website, egroups discussion lists, or the Fortean Researcher newsletter. Other meetings as necessary may be called by the Board of Directors.

Where are the IFRS headquarters located?

Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia, USA

What is the purpose of the IFRS?

The purpose of the IFRS is to collect, archive, and attempt to explain otherwise unexplainable phenomena.

Why do you investigate these things?

We investigate these unexplained phenomena because they are generally ignored by mainstream science. Mainstream science often ignores events which defy accepted, orthodox, or theoretical explanation.

What type of merchandise do you have?

At present, the Society is developing marketable merchandise such as t-shirts and hats, the proceeds of which will be used to fund the various administrative costs (including expeditions) that the Society incurs. Check the merchandise area of the website for updates.