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Team Phenomenon has one of the best sites on the web - VISIT!


Great Folks! They are doing amazing things - please visit!


True story? We don't know ... but, their heart seems to be in the right place.

They are the "original" paranormal investigators. Heck, their book "The Demonologist" scared me silly (back in the 1970s). No trip into the world of the bizarre is complete without spiritual "milk and cookies" from Grandpa and Grannie Warren.
The Schneiderverse of Schneider Verse

What a truly great web site! Go check out the poetry...

These folks have great deals on camping gear and handy items. We strongly endorse them and often use their products for our expeditions. Note: we do NOT get any payment for this endorsement and provide it only as a service to you.


NOTE: The IFRS does not guarantee or offer any implied assurance of your treatment by these organizations. We have dealt with each of them and found them to be very satisfactory. However, please use caution when dealing with any internet organization.

If you would like your banner to be displayed on our "recommended" page - please contact us with your information and proposal. We will certainly be willing to exchange banners and/or enter into other cooperative relations.