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The Patterson-Gimlin Film
Imposter alert! - BFRO Debunks The "Debunkers"
Case Closure on the Crook-Murphy "Bell" Story
More interesting facts about 1967 Patterson film
Bigfoot - The Patterson Legacy
The Patterson-Gimlin Film
Bigfoot - The Patterson-Gimlin Film
Bigfoot - Is the film genuine?
Patterson Film Debunking Demands a Response
My Long Path To Resolution - Robt W. Morgan
John Green's Interview with Bob Gimlin
Mrs. Roger Patterson - Film Footage Site
NASI: Patterson-Gimlin Film Research Results
Hollywood's Claim On Patterson Film Denied
Film At Eleven - Tim London
Cryptozoo - The Patterson Film
Chamber's Denial - Patterson Film
Sasquatch: The Evidence
Fox Television Hoax Exposed!
Bigfoot Goes to Hollywood
Bob Titmus Eulogy
X-Creatures -- Are They Out There? 
Bigfoot: Proof or Spoof?
Nitpicker's Guide to the Patterson-Gimlin Film
Bigfoot and The Yeti (scroll down to P-G report)
Patterson-Gimlin Film
Bigfoot photos from the Patterson/Gimlin Film
Some Thoughts About the Patterson 
Bigfoot Film on its 30th Anniversary
SABER pictures (from the P-G film)